Isadora from Brazil


Brazilian exchange student Isadora Coimbra can usually be found practicing tennis after school with the SMHS Tennis team for two hours each day. When she is not practicing her tennis skills, she is usually doing her homework at home.

Isadora Coimbra is joining us from Goiânia, Brazil for this school year. In Brazil, she would go to school everyday from 7A.M. to 1P.M. After school, She enjoyed participating in her school’s Investment Club where she would learn about the stock market. When she finally found some time in her busy schedule, she would hang out with her friends and travel.

“I mostly wanted to participate in the foreign exchange program to learn the language, but I also have had a desire to study a year abroad.” Isadora mentioned. She chose to come here because she thought everything was nice and organized here when she visited for the first time.

When asked what the biggest difference between the U.S. and Brazil was, she said: “Here in the U.S., there are laws, and people respect them. That doesn’t happen very much in Brazil. The people here also have a better quality of life.”

Isadora is enjoying her time here in the States. She has met nice people and seen beautiful places. She is exciting about the upcoming year and believe it will be a great one. “I want to thank everyone for being so nice to me,” she said, “I wish the whole bearcat family a good year!” Isadora also have some amazing plans for her future. She intends to attend university in Brazil and major in economy.


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