Erik Dahlstrom from Sweden


Walking into the physics classroom in his orange and white football uniform, Erik Dahlstrom, an exchange student who was both born and raised in Sweden, turns people’s heads with an air of confidence. This should not come as a surprise to those who know him: his sport record screams for attention. He has been a tennis coach for nine years in Sweden; he enjoyed playing football until he broke his collarbone (ouch!). Need any more proof that Erik is possibly the most passionate athlete you have ever met? He even claims that weight lifting is his favorite class this year.

Used to the cold weather in Sweden, Erik is surprised after he arrived at the sunny California, especially now that he doesn’t need to put on a T-shirt, a hoodie, and a jacket to keep him warm. He lives with his host family near Burlingame High School. Erik lives on an Island back home, and using a ferry is his only way to get to school. Erik also has a love for music, especially rock-n-roll. He plays guitar for 8 years and joined a band back in Sweden.

Breana Picchi, junior, agrees that Eric is a great athlete. “He has only been here for 3 weeks, but he already adjusts so well into the American culture,” said Breana. True to Breana’s words, Erik can’t wait to improve English. Erik is currently taking English 5-6 along with his peers in the junior class.


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