Anna Kumada from Japan


“The Japanese royal princess goes to my school.” Anna Kumada, an exchange student from Japan, said me as we made our way through the hallway. Anna was both polite and energetic as she shared her story while her earrings caught the light and sparkled.

Surprisingly, Anna does not miss Japan all that much. “I never miss Tokyo,” she let out a nervous giggle, “it’s a very humid city.” Perhaps her excitement to arrive at this new country has to do with her experience too—turns out Anna was born here. But this is the first time she has returned to America ever since she moved back to Japan at the age of one.

Although Anna has a close connection to this country, she still needs some time to get used to the new environment since the American school system is totally different from the Japanese one. “We have Home Room,” Anna explained, “People in the same Home Room have classes together.” The classes are different as well. “For juniors, we can choose either ‘literature and history course’ or ‘math and science course’. “ But Anna doesn’t seem intimated by the big change. “I like SMHS more than my Japanese high school.” she admits.

During her free time, she enjoys watching Youtube videos. She also won’t hesitate to curl with a book on a lazy day. No wonder her favorite saying in Japanese


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